Basic offshore

Offshore oil and gas production is a process that continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of calamities, it is absolutely essential that offshore workers are able to respond adequately, and are well-trained to be able to take the right actions without losing sight of their own safety.  DHTC offers a range of excellent NOGEPA certified safety courses. 

Course IDCourse titleDuration
0.5A0.5ABasic Offshore Safety Introduction & Emergency Response Training (NOGEPA 0.5A)3 daysMore information »
0.5C0.5CCompressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) Training (NOGEPA 0.5C)1½ hourMore information »
S-CapeS-CapeSupplement Total Access S-Cape™ evacuation System½ dayMore information »
0.60.6Fire-Fighting Instruction (NOGEPA 0.6)½ dayMore information »
0.80.8H2S Introduction (NOGEPA 0.8)½ dayMore information »
1.1A1.1ABasic Helicopter Landing Officer (NOGEPA 1.1A)2 daysMore information »
1.3A1.3ABasic Helicopter Deck Assistant (NOGEPA 1.3A)1½ dayMore information »
1.41.4Gas Measurement (NOGEPA 1.4)1 dayMore information »
1.9A1.9ABasic Banksman Offshore (NOGEPA 1.9A)3 daysMore information »
2.2A2.2ABasic Offshore First Aid (NOGEPA 2.2A)4 daysMore information »
2.3A2.3ABasic Coxswain Man Overboard Boat (NOGEPA 2.3A)2½ daysMore information »
2.6A2.6ABasic Member Fire-Fighting and Rescue Team Offshore (NOGEPA 2.6A)4 daysMore information »
2.7A  C2.7A CBasic Coxswain Conventional Lifeboat and Capsules (NOGEPA 2.7A -C)3 daysMore information »
2.7A  F2.7A FBasic Coxswain Free-Fall Lifeboat (NOGEPA 2.7A -F)3 daysMore information »
2.8A2.8ABasic Leader Fire-Fighting and Rescue Team Offshore (NOGEPA 2.8A)2 daysMore information »
2.9A2.9ABasic Helicopter Fire-fighting (NOGEPA 2.9A)1 dayMore information »
2.10A2.10ACalamity Control (NOGEPA 2.10)1½ - 2 daysMore information »
HUETHUETHelicopter Underwater Escape Training1 dayMore information »
HUET-WDDHUET-WDDHelicopter Underwater Escape Training & Wet Dinghy Drill½ dayMore information »
1.1A & 2.6A1.1A & 2.6ABasic Helicopter Landing Officer & Basic Member Fire-fighting & Rescue Team Offshore (NOGEPA 1.1A & 2.6A)5 daysMore information »
2.3A & 2.7A C&F2.3A & 2.7A C&FBasic Coxswain Man Overboard Boat & Coxswain Conventional & Free-Fall Systems (NOGEPA2.3A & 2.7A C&F) 4 daysMore information »
2.3A & 2.7A C2.3A & 2.7A CBasic Coxswain Man Overboard Boat & Coxswain Conventional Lifeboat and Capsules (NOGEPA 2.3A & 2.7A -C)4 daysMore information »
2.3A & 2.7A  F2.3A & 2.7A FBasic Coxswain Man Overboard Boat & Coxswain Free-Fall Lifeboat (NOGEPA 2.3A & 2.7A -F)4 daysMore information »
2.7A  C&F2.7A C&FBasic Coxswain Concentional & Free-Fall systems (NOGEPA 2.7A C&F)3 daysMore information »