Training vision
Our extensive training programme is focused on increasing the safety awareness of all course participants. The training programme contributes to establishing the ideal safe working environment, for example on board offshore installations, ships, helicopters and in business organisations and institutions ashore.

Life-threatening situations can be simulated by us in a realistic but above all safe way. This safety guarantee is partly due to the personal approach of our instructors. To allow exercises to take place in realistic conditions, while limiting risks as far as possible, it is vital that special measures will be taken. After all, the safety of the participants in our training courses and exercises must be guaranteed at all times.
Our exercise halls and fire brigade training building all meet the strictest environmental requirements. The floor of the halls are non-permeable, extinguishing water is purified and flue gases filtered.
Our swimming pool is covered with a thermo-isolation blanket when not in use, saving energy on a daily basis.

DHTC's corporate certifications 
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STCW certified courses incl. 2010 Manila Amendments
DHTC STCW'10 BT Certification     DHTC STCW'10 PSCRB certification     DHTC STCW'10 FRB Certification     DHTC STCW'10 AFF certification

          DHTC STCW'10 FRB refresher certification    

Dutch Fishing Manning Order:

Fire-department examination certification